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These are some of the testimonials from our past students.

Teacher Gabriel started teaching me from middle of Secondary 2. I failed my mid year exam, but with his help, I got B3 for my end of year exam. This year in secondary 3, I have been scoring A1 or A2 for all my math tests. Teacher Gabriel has helped me a lot. I have difficulties understanding my math teacher in school, but teacher Gabriel makes sure I understand every topic. He is patient, and does not mind explaining several times. He encourages me all the time.

Yu Qiao Lin
Juying Secondary
E Math/A Math
Secondary 3 Express EOY 2016

I had difficulties understanding Chemistry due to weak Science foundation in lower Secondary. Understanding certain concepts such as Organic Chemistry was a huge struggle for me.

Thankfully, Ms Chong was extremely encouraging and patient; she took time to ensure I understood every concept before she proceeded to the next Chemistry chapter.

I am proud to say that I have improved in just two months and eventually achieved a Grade One for Chemistry for GCE ‘N’ Levels.

Changkat Changi Secondary School
Combined Chemistry
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal(Academic) Level 2015

I started as a very unmotivated student. I did not think that I would achieve my goals as they were too distant for me to reach; my pure Biology and Combined Science grades were both F9 when I first joined APT tuition lab. However, under my teacher’s patience and guidance, I was able to score B3 and A2 for both subjects.

My time spent at APT Tuition Lab has been worthwhile as the teachers have ensured that I was able to comprehend and grasp the important points during lessons which benefitted me a lot. I am now a highly motivated student in Innova Junior College and I give thanks to my teachers’ willingness to put in the effort and clarify my doubts!

Pure Biology/Combined Chemistry/E Math/A Math
Singapore Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level 2016

Teacher Gabriel’s teaching is very meticulous. He is very detailed and was able to adapt to my style of learning.

I was given many practice questions to solve and familiarised myself with them. He also made it a point to focus on my weaknesses, which increased my level of confidence.

Overall, I am very grateful for his tutelage & thanks to his help, I scored A1s for E Math and A Math for ‘O’ Levels.

Dan Yuet Lynn
Fairfield Methodist
E Math/A Math
Singapore-Cambidge GCE Ordinary Level, 2016

Mr Goh started teaching me Math after my CA2 in 2015 and my results have improved from B4 to A2. He is currently teaching me both E Math and A Math. He is able to explain difficult concepts to me easily and has helped me improved tremendously. I feel much more confident in Math now!

NUS High School
E Math/A Math
Secondary 3 Express, 2016

I really need to thank Ms Chong for she helped me improve my grades tremendously.

Chemistry was a bore to me and I had difficulty memorising key concepts such as the process of extraction of iron in the chapter of metals.

However, Ms Chong helped me by giving me tips on how to understand the process to make it easier to remember. I can still remember it up till now. Thank you Ms Chong!

Combined Chemistry
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level, 2015

I could not understand certain concepts in Biology when I first started taking it in Secondary 3. I was failing the subject and subsequently lost interest in it. However, after two months of lessons, my grades picked up. Ms Chong has the ability to explain complex concepts simply and makes lessons fun and engaging by using analogies and real life examples. Thank you Ms Chong!

Pure Biology
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level, 2015

Thank you Mr Chua for helping me achieving my dream JC, without your aid it would have been an impossible task to breakthrough B to achieve A2.
Mr Chua selects well though-out questions to either ensure my flaws in the subject are well-covered or to challenge my understanding of the concepts even when I thought I had already understood them. I’m really delighted to received my results and grateful for the part Mr Chua played in them.
Alastair Khoo
Victoria School
Combined Biology/Chemistry
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level, 2017

I am really thankful to Mr Chua for helping me to improve my grades from my failing standards in Secondary 3. I was having difficulties understanding many of the chemistry concepts towards the end of Secondary 3, such as Mole Concept and Chemical Calculations, but Mr Chua made it very simple with his examples and he was always supporting and motivating me to keep trying.
Eventually, I got the hang of it and was so happy to see my grades for O levels. Mr Chua has been really important to my success during O-levels, and he’s now teaching my brother in Secondary 3 too.
Ariel Lim
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
Pure Chemistry
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level, 2016

I had always been failing my Sciences with D7 even until my second Prelims, and I was so worried I would not be able to get into my dream JC. Mr Chua was very patient and used very simple to understand concepts as well as quick tips for every chapter to help me summarize the chapter effective and revise. I’m am so relieved when I received my O-level results to find out that i have surprisingly achieved A2. It would not have been possible without Mr Chua. Thank you Sir!

Chu Weng Leong
Victoria School
Pure Chemistry
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level, 2017

Mr Chua is very fun and animated and likes to use a lot of real-life examples to explain the concepts to me. It was really interesting learning Science with Mr Chua, and I was more into the subject that I was when I started Sec 2.  He is also very patient and repeats explanations until I understand so I have no problems following his lessons.

Before exams, Mr Chua even provides exam techniques to help me revise and handle the paper. Under Mr Chua’s guidance, I was not only able to maintain my grade, but even achieved better results even when the concepts got even harder towards the year-end.

Ethan Lim
St. Joseph Instituition
Secondary 2 2016

Mr Chua is very knowledgeable and has always been able to answer my questions. He also re-introduces concepts taught in school in a manner that is easier to understand than my school. With his help, I am able to answer nearly all the questions I meet including the challenging section in my assignments which I usually struggle very hard to understand. I am really thankful to Mr Chua for helping me achieve my A for Science in Sec 2. Thank you Mr Chua!
Marcus Tan
Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
Secondary 2 2016